Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction SymptomsSphincter of Oddi Symptoms can differ from one person to the next. Remember that often the valve will intermittently function appropriately before going back into “disorder”. You may experience some of these issues for a few hours or days at a time and then be fine the next.

If you find this does not directly impact your standard of living and that you’re able to go on without issue, then you might not have to visit the doctor and it may not be sphincter of oddi dysfunction. This website is for reference only, so if you find yourself with some sort of digestive disease issues then visit your physician.

The most common symptoms for sphincter of oddi dysunfction is abdominal pain. At some point in time we have all experienced one form of abdominal pain, but there are so many different causes for the issue. Do not let your abdominal pain lead to you to believe that it is SOD until a doctor is able to review the condition through a full physical examination or even other tests. Other causes for abdominal pain other than SOD are menstrual cramps, food allergies, gas, ulcers, lactose intolerance, constipation, indigestion as well as many other things.

Other symptoms:

Nausea – the feeling of throwing up without actually performing the action.

Vomiting – unintentionally emptying the contents of one’s stomach.

Fever – when the temperature of the human body is running higher than normal. This is a cause for concern when accompanied by abdominal pain and you should consider visiting your doctor.

Chills – these may sweep over the body at times causes cold sweats or other flashes. Chills can be highly uncomfortable especially for people who have not experienced such a symptom before.

Diarrhea – when the stool isn’t composed as it should be.

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